Memorial Quilts

Taking the clothes and/or uniforms of your loved one and turning them into a unique quilt laden with love and memories.

- I will carefully store any clothing/uniforms until you are ready to proceed with your Memorial Quilt. I will ensure I have your confirmation to proceed before beginning any work with your loved ones items.

- Your loved one’s clothes/uniform will be treated with the care and respect they deserve. They will be washed and dried before being used for the quilt to ensure no shrinkage of your quilt will occur.

- Once a design has been agreed upon I will dissemble the clothes and try to use every piece of fabric possible in the quilt.

- No piece of clothing/uniform will be discarded unless you instruct me to do so. The remains of the clothing/uniform can be returned to you or be placed inside a custom pillow if you would like this option.


Memorial Quilts for Families of Lost or Fallen Service Men and Women

Your quilt will be made free of charge – please contact me to discuss your families wishes.


Memorial Quilts for Families who have lost loved ones through natural causes. 

Price available upon request.


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